Mapping of government provided services, Nashville, USA

In February 2018, the city of Nashville launched the NashView. This is an interactive smart map displaying governmental services (e.g. libraries, parks, schools, recycling centers, fire and police stations, etc.

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Visualising open data: Illustreets

The first Illustreets web app “Where to live in London” was launched in September 2013. It used open data in order to create dynamic visualisations of information and explore particular areas of England. The range of information included average property prices and rents, schools, public transport, census data and crime rates.

The company continues developing tools and apps based on open data, e.g.:
– Grow London, a promotional initiative seeking to pormote London for investments;
Geomatrix, an online SaaS solution helping to perform predictive analytics for retailers with regards to market size, expansion strategy;
Integration Hub, is a tool stimulating UK’s ethnic integration.

– Company site:

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